Market trends and tightening industry standards are driving the need for more energy efficient products; power supplier and solar inverters need higher efficiency and increased power density, electric vehicles are constantly pushing for more miles per charge and faster charging times. ON Semiconductor is at the forefront of WBG realization with its range of SiC, GaN and Gate Driver devices, offered in innovative packages and supported by tools that help create an ecosystem to accelerate and add certainty throughout the design cycle.

This week at PCIM Europe, ON Semiconductor will be focusing on its Wide Band Gap (WBG) technologies for next generation power semiconductors. WBG offers the electronics industry compelling application advantages and is changing the landscape and possibilities for power circuits and end product designs.

PCIM is the international leading exhibition for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management, and the perfect spot for ON Semiconductor to show its new WBG innovations.

Don’t miss the ON Semiconductor team in Hall 9, Booth 342, who will be their showcasing both our industrial and automotive grade SiC diodes and NCP51705 SiC MOSFET driver and associated evaluation board.

ON Semiconductor’s portfolio of 650 V and 1200 V SiC technologies combine superior switching performance, higher reliability, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI), making them ideal for next-generation power conversion applications, such as solar inverters, power supplies, electric vehicles, and industrial motion.

The key benefits of SiC include extremely fast switching and no reverse recovery current, which dramatically reduces switching losses compared to silicon, and results in superior energy efficiency. Faster switching also allows designers to reduce the size of magnetic coils and associated passive components, which improves packaging efficiency, reduces system weight, and reduces bill-of-materials (BOM). Stable switching over a wide temperature range, and zero recovery voltage which eliminates voltage overshoots, also contribute to the exceptional performance of SiC.

In addition, SiC technology from ON Semiconductor has the best leakage current performance in its class, leaking far less current than its competitors at temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius.

In order to fully realize WBG benefits and expedite the development process with fewer design iterations, efficient power electronic design requires intuitive, accurate and predictive Simulation Program with Integrated-Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) modelling. ON Semiconductor will also be demonstrating its industry-leading advanced SPICE model that is sensitive to process parameter and layout perturbations and therefore represents a step-change versus current industry modelling capabilities. Using this tool, circuit designers can evaluate technologies early in the simulation process rather than through costly and time consuming fabrication iterations. A further benefit of ON Semiconductor’s robust SPICE agnostic model is that it can port across multiple industry standard simulation platforms.

That’s just the beginning of what we have in store. Check back to the blog tomorrow to see what we are showcasing on the power module side. If you just can’t wait make sure to check out our PCIM event press release

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