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A Modern Approach to Parts Inventory Management


A Modern Approach to Parts Inventory Management


Parts Inventory Management

Cycling has gained immense popularity globally, both as a mode of transportation and a recreational activity. To leverage this trend, bicycle manufacturers are intensifying production and streamlining their supply chains. As a key supplier to these manufacturers, our client required a reliable solution to maintain accurate inventory levels, ensuring their customers always have access to necessary parts without interruption.


Complex Parts Inventory: Managing Volume and Variety

As a supplier of mechanical parts, the customer manages a vast inventory of steel pipes and various bicycle components in different shapes and sizes. Previously, stocktaking was conducted manually, a process that was not only inefficient but also susceptible to errors. The difficulty in visually distinguishing between pipes of similar diameters often led to miscounts and inaccuracies. Moreover, the diverse nature of the materials posed challenges, making the implementation of an automated counting solution impractical.


Boost Counting Precision and Speed with Vision Prime Technology

Vision Prime Software leverages artificial intelligence to precisely detect size variations in pipes instantly. Utilizing its rapid counting feature, the software classifies and counts all the different parts within seconds, with results immediately displayed on the operator’s tablet screen. These results are then uploaded to the company’s manufacturing execution system, significantly enhancing production efficiency and output.