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Advanced AI for Vegetable Inspection and Quality Assurance


Advanced AI for Vegetable Inspection and Quality Assurance


AI Solutions for Accurate Artichoke Inspection

The company currently relies on a manual process to ensure each artichoke is correctly oriented on the conveyor belt before packaging. This method is labor-intensive and time-consuming, hindering operators from focusing on more critical tasks.


Accurate Orientation and Angle Verification

Each artichoke varies in size, shape, and ripeness, prompting the customer to seek a solution capable of accurately identifying the orientation and angle of each vegetable within a stringent cycle time of 80 milliseconds per artichoke. Moreover, the customer required the ability to export inspection data to their existing database as an integral part of their automation process.


Vision Prime Software: Swift and Precise AI Inspection

Utilizing Vision Prime Software, Athis advanced AI machine vision system, an AI model was able to swiftly and precisely determine the orientation and angle of each artichoke, using the stem as the reference point regardless of its size. Additionally, Visio Prime Software enabled the export of AI inspection results through a variety of communication protocols.