Tracking Prime

A dedicated AI package to handle and improve your tracking systems.

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Overall Datasheet

Tracking Prime, an automatic target designation in a space saving design.

Due to its efficient, automatic, decoy-resistant tracking and predictive trajectory calculation, Tracking Prime can evaluate multiple targets allowing for a high precision engagement. It has customizable settings which can be implemented to guarantee integration into any type of weapon and measurement systems (SW/MW-IR, daylight, MMW, etc.).

Product Tour Guide

  • Step 1
    • Excellent building design
    • Easy to customize form factors and adding features
    • Wide range of optional features
    • Easy to integrate in your systems
    step 1
  • Step 2
    • Corrosion protection version
    • Increased temperature range version
    • Shock and vibration resistant version with MIL Standards
    • MIL-EMC compliant version
    step 2
  • Step 3
    • Military connectors (D38999 series…)
    • Various input/output protocols
    • ITAR-Free or BAFA-Free version
    step 3

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Embedded Functions

Optimize your systems with our advanced embedded functions.

Specific tracking features

  • Automatic video tracking
  • Simultaneous tracking
  • Multi-types image sources processing capabilities
  • Enhanced image processing
  • Blending & fusion image sources
  • Hot spot highlighting

AI-based improved features

  • Image telemetry
  • Automatic classification
  • Trajectory prediction
  • Effective scenario strategy...


AI based real-time image quality improvement...

Function Link

AI based real-time image quality improvement, blending & fusion of several wavebands’ inputs into a single video stream allow us to increase recognition and identification range.


AI based predictive technologies ...

Function Link

AI based predictive technologies allows better tracking capabilities and distance measurement enhancing target’s future position.


Help the naked eye by highlighting invisible targets...

Function Link

Help the naked eye by highlighting invisible targets in the background. Feature depends on image sources.


Track and follow a target automatically...

Function Link

Track and follow a target automatically without any continuous need from the user, with any waveband sources. Speed** of the target is calculated in real-time.


Advanced identification awareness...

Function Link

Advanced integrated artificial intelligence allows for the highest identification awareness.Feature depends on customer’s data training.


Advanced AI allows for uppermost predictive scenarios...

Function Link

Advanced integrated artificial intelligence allows for uppermost predictive scenarios to reach targets. Feature depends on customer’s data training, with only FLEET PRIME & STRATEGY PRIME products.

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